• Tailored sessions that will change your life

    I work with seekers, darers and those who are inquisitive, wanting to live an empowered happy life, a life that is true to the essence of who they are.

    If you are dealing with:

    • Life baggage from the past, bullying, trauma, abuse, PTSD or unpleasant memories
    • Low confidence, stress, unexplained fear or panic attacks
    • A lot of worries and you just don’t know how to change that negative chatter in your head for once and for all
    • Bad sleep, leaving you tired and drained all day
    • Repetitive patterns that sabotage who you really are, whether it be at work, business or in your relationship
    • Feeling lost in relationship, life or a career; you are looking for a sense of direction and no matter what you do, you can not find your way
    • A phobia - flying, confined spaces, driving again after an accident, needles, dentists, spiders   

    My clients usually are

    • Successful on the outside, but have something that is missing on the inside. They might have a good career but want or need to make a change so that they can be truly happy
    • Between 30-55 years old - they have been working on themselves to clear up their conflicts from the past or change their negative habits but still feel stressed, worried, anxious or their confidence is affected
    • Are dealing with unpleasant memories, are in a unhappy relationship, going through changes in their life and they need to get their sense of direction and confidence back

    After just one or a few sessions with me you will feel or be

    • Empowered with a new found freedom and happiness
    • Lighter and at peace with yourself and the world, and the past is left in the past
    • Confident and positive about yourself
    • Defrazzled, calm, enjoying life and all it has to offer
    • Able to get a good nights sleep ready for your day ahead
    • Happy, free and surrendered to life, ready to take on your next challenge.

    I have the skills, experience and training to make this happen for you. I will help you make the change.


    I will clearly explain how the process works so that when we are ready to get started, you will be 100% comfortable and clear about how we will work together.

    All information shared in your sessions is completely confidential.


    View the options for working with me and when you’re ready, contact me for your 20 Minute Free Consultation so that we can find out if we’re a good fit to work together.

    Alex Dan, Property Finder, Local Council


    "I can honestly say that it was one of the most remembering moments of 2018. I have regained full trust in me and what I am able to achieve and this in just one session. I would recommend Lenka with an open heart!"

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