• Freedom From Anxiety

    A powerful, fast and effective anxiety programme to help you reach a new - found freedom and happiness. A shift in a fresh direction, away from negative emotions, and on towards the real, empowered you.

    Are you successful on the outside, but on the inside you have persistent worries or troubling thoughts that won't go away?


    Do you struggle to feel confident?


    Are you too anxious about what might happen next, to make a decision or move forward?


    You are not alone

    Anxiety is a potent feeling that can affect anyone. It can arise in any situation, at any time leaving you feeling a real loss of control. Despite the emotions that it causes, anxiety is surprisingly common and completely normal.


    Do you answer 'YES' to any of these :

    • Do you constantly worry about people, circumstances or the future?
    • Do you often feel that you may lose control, or even die?
    • Do you find that your mind is racing and you are unable to switch off your thoughts?
    • Do you find yourself worrying that people are watching you?
    • Do you sometimes feel faint, unable to talk with discomfort in your stomach?
    • Do you feel detached from your surroundings from time-to-time, as if you are an observer looking in?
    • Do you have bad sleep or even insomnia?

    If yes you might be experiencing anxiety.


    My Freedom from Anxiety Programme will help you uncover and eliminate the internal triggers causing anxiety, leaving you feeling free, at peace and happy again.


    Whether you are experiencing day to day anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety anxiety disorder or another type of anxiety, using my integrated approach that blends NLP, Hypnotherapy, IEMT and coaching, you will experience long-lasting change. A powerful, rapid transformation that will enable you to move in a new, happier direction.


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    More about the programme:


    Anxiety can be triggered by stressful events or circumstances. However, unlike stress, anxiety creates a very strong sensation of having all control taken away from you, making it feel much harder to manage.


    From social anxiety to panic attacks, anxiety affects people in different ways, but for many of us it may involve unpleasant, catastrophising thoughts about everyday situations or people close to you. Often these thoughts are unconsciously rooted in negative experiences that have occurred in the past.


    Without treatment, anxiety continues to grow. Left untreated, anxiety has serious effects on psychological and physical health, leading to anxiety disorders, chronic anxiety or even depression. Thus, it is crucial to seek support to find effective solution.


    Anxiety can affect everything from how productive you are at work, to the quality of your relationships, how successful you are or how much money your business can make.


    What are you losing by having anxiety?


    Are you experiencing panic attacks or social anxiety?


    Are you ready to have a more peaceful, happier and empowered life?


    Through my Freedom From Anxiety programme, you will come to completely eliminate your triggers, learn to avoid and manage any anxiety in the future and much more.


    During working with me you will

    • Uncover and remove the effects of any negative events that have contributed to anxiety
    • Understand your internal triggers and transform internal beliefs that lead to anxiety
    • Shift existing thought patterns that cause anxiety
    • Learn fresh, effective coping strategies that enable you to remain calm when faced with difficult circumstances
    • Gain powerful techniques to deal with and strategies to manage challenging people and events

    Long-lasting habits that leave you empowered, peaceful and moving forwards again. The rapid shift that you need for a better quality of life, so that you can be truly happy and free – the true you at last.


    Your path to a calmer you starts after just one session!


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    More about the sessions:


    Your needs are different to anyone else’s, so your empowering programme will be bespoke, created solely for you.


     Your personalised two or four months programme will include:

    • 2 x 1.5 hour private one-to-one sessions each month 
    • supportive messaging between sessions via WhatsApp
    • light tasks to do between sessions
    • Self hypnosis recordings for relaxation and a calm mind


    •  Relaxation tools and resources that you can use to help you manage and relieve anxiety both now and for the rest of your life.


    Let’s see if we are a good fit. Book your free 20 minute consultation with me now 075 3657 1950 so that we can see how I can help you.


    The call is essential for me to discover whether I can help you. As we discuss where you are and where you want to be, as well as the Freedom From Anxiety Programme, I will be able to decide whether this programme is the best solution for you.


    If your issue is not listed above, please contact me to see how I can help you.


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    Any session that needs to be cancelled or rearranged must be made via email and received no less than 48hrs prior to the appointment.

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