• About Lenka Hanzelova


    I’m Lenka. The seeker, darer and the inquisitive.


    I provide one on one and group sessions to clients face to face in London and remotely via Skype. I also lead workshops and seminars on topics of mental health and well-being.


    I’m a holistic wellbeing coach and a trainer with over 10 years’ experience working with people from all walks of life, helping them address what isn’t working for them and enabling them to be in a place of new-found freedom and happiness.


    I started my career in Melbourne, Australia where I trained in business. Following my interest in psychology I later completed my Masters of Science in Business Psychology in London and progressed to a career of training and coaching employees & leaders of organisations such as PA Consulting Group ( Global Consultancy), Bank of England, AXA and Ince&Co (Global Law Firm), enabling them achieve their full potential.


    During this time I participated in various holistic health and personal development programmes and traveled extensively. This was fueled by my inquisitive mind about the world and it's cultures along with my personal quest for a solution to heal the effects of some adverse events I experienced earlier in my life.


    I now help my clients to live in well-being, to be free of what’s not working in their private and professional life, and what is holding them back, enabling them to thrive and to live a life that is true to them.


    I also deliver workplace training on topics of mental health, well-being, resilience, stress, avoiding burnout and I coach employees and leaders in organisations, enabling them to achieve their full potential.



    • MSc Business Psychology
    • Clinical Hypnotherapy
    • NLP Master Practitioner
    • Time Line Techniques Practitioner
    • Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioner
    • Coaching Diploma
    • MBTI Psychometric Testing
    • Saville Wave Psychometric Assessment
    • The British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A &B Test User
    • Bachelor of Business


    Read about how I work with organisations and individuals or contact me for more information about how I can help empower you or your team.


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